About Bill Richardson

"Why I am Running..."
I can bring a country together that is divided and partisan -- and restore civility to the political dialogue.
My background, experience and record enable me to bridge gaps, achieve political solutions, restore America's moral leadership abroad, heal partisan divisions and solve problems at home.
My Catholic beliefs reinforce my commitment to social justice like a fair minimum wage, equal and civil rights for all and a belief that government exists to help people and to be a catalyst for change -- not get in the way with barriers, unnecessary regulations and bureaucracy.
I believe in America -- the greatest nation in the world -- but we've lost our moral compass at home and abroad.
I am optimistic about the future. America should not be afraid. We have to be bold, patriotic and confident that we can resolve problems and bring peace by working together. We need hope, faith, and optimism. These qualities have always represented and defined the American spirit and are desperately needed now at a time when the nation has so many problems and is no longer a leader abroad.
America should work for everyone. Every American deserves a fair shot -- not just the privileged few.
Our vision should be to build a nation of opportunity and prosperity for all and guaranteeing real security for all our people.
That's why I believe in the New Progressivism. It's a philosophy that has its roots in the core values of the Democratic Party. These values stress opportunity, which has always been the cornerstone of any progressive movement.
What's new is the accountability that we emphasize in all of our programs. So while we've raised teacher salaries, we're also demanding accountability like never before. And it's working.
In New Mexico, we've created 80,000 new jobs and have made New Mexico 6th in job growth. And at the same time, I reinstated collective bargaining for public employees and secured the first public works labor agreement in New Mexico history.
I pushed for and signed legislation increasing New Mexico's minimum wage to $7.50. We've cut taxes for every New Mexican and targeted cuts to lower and middle income people, single parents and eliminated the sales tax on groceries.
I've made New Mexico the clean energy state by adopting environmental standards that exceed the international Kyoto standards and requiring utilities to produce energy from renewable sources.
To meet our challenges, Americans need to work together not as red and blue states, but as American states.
We must build coalitions of churches, community groups, businesses and government to create a stronger nation and address our basic needs as people such as education, health care, and energy. We have to build a safer, freer world led by an America that represents democracy, the rule of law and human rights.
We need to become a respected international leader. We need:
A national security that is tough & smart
A military second to none
A firm commitment to building diplomatic alliances
To defeat terrorism
To promote freedom
To alleviate poverty
To stop global warming
America needs a new direction:
To make our nation safer and our economy more fair
To make health care and college more affordable
To energize America w/ energy independence
To guarantee a dignified retirement for all Americans.
We need to build an America where all families can live and prosper in safe and vibrant communities.
We need a government that is ethically clear and truthful -- aware of its limitations as well as its potential to help others. Government should be a catalyst to bring constructive change and not obstruct change. Government should honor and assist entrepreneurship, science and economic growth.
Fiscal discipline, civility and integrity should be our core values and hallmarks as we advance the hopes and dreams of the American people.









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